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FCD-02 720p Car Video Recorder


The GeoRecord FCD-02 Car video recording system is a 720P HD recording system which is designed for recording video and audio when driving. By adopting high quality imaging technology and integrated with GPS for logging position data, this system is very good to track special events when driving.

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Model  name GeoRecord FCD-02
Recording High Quality 30fps 720P HD Seamless Video Record with Audio
Lens Field of View: Diagonal (110 degree) Horizontal(97 degree)
GPS High sensitivity GPS system integrated
Automatic time correction
Position data log with recorded Video
3-Axis sensor Integrated G-sensor for event marking
Battery Build-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
Storage media MicroSD card (T-Flash card, supported up to 32G)
recommend to use Class 6 up model
LED indicator GPS positioning, Recording, Power, System error
Video / Audio out AV out connector for connect with monitor or LCD panel
Power input DV 5V /1A
Operating Temp. 0oC to 65oC
Storage Temp. -40oC to 85oC
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% (no condensing)
Software Video and route player
Support Windows XP/Visat/7
Convert video to AVI files, with mute function; capture single video frame to JPG file; display GPS route on MAP.


Features of video recording:
Video files will take 2GB space each hour, and each video file size is 32MB. If SD card is full, system will automatic erase oldest video file and replace by a new one. System will do rotate recording.

Event files will not be erased, the file name is .evt. If event is being triggered then two video files (32MB x2) will be reserved. Event files won’t be erased by system, so users have to erase the file by themselves.

Event is triggered by 3-Axis sensor, if the G value is large than trigger value, then that will be an event in system. The G value can be set by various values in software.

Features of GPS route logging
When device is recording video, it is also logging GPS positioning data. Those data information combine with video files, and GPS route data can be read by our TrackPlayer software, this application will show video and the position where the video is being recorded.


Video Demo Daylight


Video Demo Night Vision