We want more partners!

FTECH is looking for distributors and agencies in United States, China and Japan, also with Europe and South-East Asia region, if you are interesting to be our partner, contact us today for more information!

Our main office moved to new location

For providing better service to customers and the demand for large space to expend business, our main office moved to new location from March 31, 2017. The new office address is as following: 19 Lane 172, ChangHong Rd., YongKong Dist., Tainan 710, Taiwan Please refer the location map for more information. Our Location All service

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BLE bluetooth beacon for indoor positioning

The Bluetooth beacon for indoor positioning is released! It can be used combine with smartphone app for indoor positioning application. For our FBT-iB Bluetooth BLE beacon information, please refer following link in our website: http://https://www.f-tech.com.tw/products/fbt-ib-bluetooth-ble-beacon/   For obtain sample or price inquiry, please contact with us directly: http://https://www.f-tech.com.tw/contact/